Dry lining

Dry lining
If you want to increase the overall comfort of your room, garage, or office, as well are willing to insulate it a bit to prevent warm air from escaping the area in London, you may always opt for the most effective and cost-efficient solution available currently on the construction-related market, namely – dry lining contractors London.

It is predominantly based on covering walls (and sometimes suspended ceilings) with a selected number of layers of plasterboard. We would also like to add that thanks to the utilization of the said material, the space covered will be additionally sound-insulated, which is just perfect if you want a given place to become a pleasant spot to work or relax in. While making dry lining – based structures for our customers, we always care about ordering best quality materials. They are the guarantee that there will be no need to change the entire insulation system after two to three years from the moment of its installation.

dry lining

It also has to be indicated that we avoid utilizing ready-made sets, because they are frequently difficult to fit into a given space. Basing on our experiences and the suggestions of our regular customers, we have made a decision to utilize customized dry lining components only. They can be then properly cut and adjusted, fitted into narrow corners, and straightened to look as elegantly as humanly possible. We always start our work from making all the required measurements, drawing reference lines, and calculating the amount of plasterboard panels that has to be purchased to cover all the walls specified by the ordering party.

Our experts are also in possession of highly advanced equipment and tools for dry line, thanks to the use of which, they can easily make difficult cuts and ensure that the utilized panels fit the surface perfectly. Employees hired by our company are well-versed in fitting plasterboard in window recesses, finishing corners, and smoothening the joints. The final outcome of their work will undoubtedly astonish you!

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